Nodjetais Photoworks


Work since 2013, a newly based interest in Photography actually in Photoworks.
We are 4 members from Surabaya, ID.
Nodjetais name itself consists of four letters from us names and then are combined into one. letters n-o-d from Nodjengs, as a photographer and editting.
the second j-e-t from jetaydevan or commonly referred to as Gita Ayu Devi as referrer and initiator of ideas photoshoot.
the third is the letter a-i from Ayu Alfina as referrer outfit and photoshoot.
the last is S from Safira Nadilla, here she as a referrer layout, and preparation of the object that will be needed.
Nodjetais Photoworks have us themselves genre fresh, colorful, new, and creative.
Us will always make the works of that connoisseur can be satisfied with the great results of our work.

for contact and booking us service just email thru at: nodjetais@yahoo.com

P.S nodjetais Photoworks will only receive location shooting surabaya area

Thank You!

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